It’s a Washout…

What an interesting winter we have been having. Warmer temperatures, brighter days and a lot of rain.

Not the white Christmas some were expecting – but not as festive as some would have wanted. Personally I am not a fan of snow. It’s pretty to look at when you’re watching from the comfort of a warm location, it’s even fun when you’re building a snow man or throwing snow balls – but once it turns to ice my interest goes too. So needless to say I was relieved not to have snow this Christmas.

Although my Christmas weather was satisfactory 20141119_184002many in the UK did not experience the same. Many of the areas that flooded at the start of December didn’t recover in time for the festive/ New Year period. In fact, many got worse.

When these things happen people want answers – but even the science and scientific theory behind it is not actually comforting when people have lost homes and businesses.

Why did this happen?

Increased storms and bad weather have been linked to El Niño, changes to the Jet Stream and climate change. All of which can cause weather extremes.

Winter is still not over and we can expect more storms and rain.


  1. Bevan says:

    Although were moving quickly into spring, I love winter, mainly because I love smooth autumnal colours and the fashion worn at this time of year, especially woollen items.

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