UK Named Storms…so far

20140814_172510Since the first official UK and Ireland named storm, we have seen a total of four.

Abigail, named on 10th November, affected the UK and Ireland on 12th – 13th November. The biggest impact was in North-West Scotland. The storm brought heavy rain, strong winds and left some areas with power cuts. The strongest wind gust recorded at South Uist was 84mph.

Barney, named on 16th November, affected the UK and Ireland on 17th – 18th November. Brought strong winds across Southern UK. The winds left many fallen trees, causing disruption to travel and again, in some areas, power cuts. The strongest wind gust of 85mph was recorded at Gwynedd.

Clodagh (Clo-da), named on 28th November, affected Ireland and the UK on 29th November. Fallen trees on roads and railways in North England and power cuts in the Republic of Ireland. Wind gusts of more than 70mph in the Republic of Ireland.

Desmond, named on 4th December, affected the UK on 5th – 6th December. For this storm the first red severe warning was issued for rain in Cumbria and an amber warning for wind.20140814_172919

Not only did this storm bring the usual disruption to travel and services, it left behind flooded areas and burst river banks in North-West England, Northern Ireland, North Wales and Southern Scotland.

20151107_130241 - Feature PicResidents were rescued and evacuated in some areas in Cumbria and businesses had to close. Holidays cancelled. Insurance claims made. Some have called for a review on flood defences.

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